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Ghostly Counsel

The expenses scandal I do most of the shopping for the retreat house we live in and serve. This is because I spend less money than anyone else does! At the end of every month I give the treasurer receipts [...]

Summer festivals

Tom Sutcliffe looks back at this year's Kings Lynn Arts Festival and Buxton Festival, including performances of Donizetti's Lucrezia Borgia and Messager's Veronique I made my debut in the pulpit preaching at the service to mark the opening of the [...]

Happily not so boring

George Austin reports from the shorter and less controversial session of General Synod in July and found it better than might have been expected The weather is always by tradition hot for the York Synod, even sometimes with thunder rattling [...]

nery reviews

Julian Mann raises questions about the spiritual value and practical benefits of deanery reviews, and in particular the provision of resources for small churches Deanery reviews are increasingly being seen as the rescuing cavalry for a national church in decline. [...]

The place of God

Throughout the history of Christianity, a particularly holy place has served as a material focus for faith. Paul Griffin asks where the focus of our worship is located now Whan that Aprille with his shoures soot.... Thanne longen folk to [...]

End of the line

As the Church of Sweden considers its response to the recently changed Swedish legislation on same-sex marriage, Sr Gerd Swensson reports on a group which is campaigning against the proposed innovation A young, prospective (male) candidate for ordination recently wrote [...]

What’s in your hand?

Clare Rabjohns calls on us to identify and use our God-given strengths, because every person who is part of God's Church is called to an extraordinary purpose According to the distinguished source Wikipedia, I understand that Postman Pat is now [...]


Liberals and some evangelicals influenced by Bucer ground their teeth at the Consecration Service of the new Bishop of Horsham, not only because he was not 'one of them', but as Rowan Williams became the first Archbishop of Canterbury to [...]

450 years ago

John Hunwicke reflects on his own church in Oxford and the changing allegiances during five turbulent centuries The King ordered the ports to be guarded to prevent papal letters I being brought in. And if any monk brought them in, [...]

‘The fool hath said’

At a time when atheism is being treated with increasing respect by the media, Digby Anderson looks at the different kinds of modern-day atheists and their reasons for disbelieving What are we to do about all these militant atheists? Actually [...]

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