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Fr Ivan Writes

God’s Final Word According to that great defender in the early Church, Athanasius, the Catholic Faith is that which was down by our Lord, preached by the Apostles and preserved by the Fathers. If the Gospel writers are included in [...]


Ivan Clutterbuck, a prolific writer and commentator, now writes his column `Fr Ivan writes...' from his desk in the College of St Barnabas. He hopes through his writing to encourage a deeper study of the Bible by both the clergy [...]


We welcome the election of Bishop Jonathan Baker as Chairman of Forward in Faith and assure him of our prayers. In the months and years ahead we will all need to work closely with Bishop Baker and our other Catholic [...]

letters to the editor

Terminology of confusion From Mr Arthur Smithson The Revd Jonathan Redvers Harris writes of the difficulty in terminology in referring to the different branches of the Western Church. I am not entirely sure that I see a way around the [...]

30 days

Land of the Free The headline looked promising: ‘Houston Cemetery Bans the Word God from Military Funerals’ - and 30DAYs wasn’t disappointed! The director of the Houston National Cemetery, Arleen Ocasio, has ordered the burial teams to instruct that religious [...]

touching place

Le Louroux-Béconnais, France Next to a large crucifix in the nave of the church of St Aubin, in this village about 15 miles north-west of Angers, a notice records that here on 27 February 1791, the parish priest, Noél Pinot, [...]

Sacred Vision

Fresh woods and pastures new Sister Mary Michael CHC thinks through a moving experience Where there is no vision the people perish’. What has prompted the Community of the Holy Cross, latterly at Rempstone, to uproot itself and move on, [...]


Tom Sutcliffe on a turbo-charged version of Luise Miller and a thrilling production of Tristan and Isolde Kabale und Liebe under the title Luise Miller (which Verdi used when he turned it into an opera) has been the latest popular [...]

Book of the month

Jonathan Baker finds great poignancy in the faithful Anglicanism of John Betjeman BETJEMAN AND THE ANGLICAN IMAGINATION Kevin J. Gardner SPCK, 256pp, pbk 978 0281063444, £14.99 BETJEMAN ON FAITH An Anthology of His Religious Prose Kevin J. Gardner SPCK, 192pp, [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk examines Michael Adie’s 1992 claim that the ordination of women is a ‘reasoned development consonant with scripture and required by tradition’ To start with first principles: any significant innovation in a body claiming divine origin and institution must [...]

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