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Thought of the day

What really matters We live in a world so very aware of itself through 24-7 media coverage. Each day the news channels make us aware of sudden death, conflicts abroad, scandals at home and the rise and fall of celebrities. [...]


Perhaps one of the most disturbing things I have read recently, written by a Christian, came from the pen of Canon Rosie Harper. Addressing members of the House of Lords on the issue of so-called 'assisted dying' she said: `Let [...]

touching place

ST ETHELDREDA, GUILSBOROUGH, NORTHANTS Northamptonshire being Northamptonshire, you expected — and got — a spire. This is not one of those stately Nene Valley masterpieces that you see at Warmington, Kettering or Oundle, as the 14th c. tower is topped [...]

Book of the month

George Nairn-Briggs is prompted to consider the power of forgiveness AGAINST THE ODDS True Stories of Forgiveness and Healing Carmel Thomason BRF, 192pp, pbk 9781841017396, £8.99 It was a delightful surprise to find that I knew a number of contributors [...]

the way we live now

Christopher Smith worries that we may be on the way to a 'Fixed Period' There are, of course, many ways in which a perfectly pleasant evening can be soured at the end: a difficult journey home, food poisoning, discovering that [...]


The German question Tom Sutcliffe encourages us to visit an array of fascinating exhibitions in Hanover Anglicans are bound to have mixed feelings about these matters because did not our prize Anglo-Catholics in 1688 refuse to swear fealty to King [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Transfiguration If in prayer you have been listening and have heard what is happening then a language may well have been communicated, which will have come from the One who lives and speaks in you, spontaneously communicating [...]


Living truthfully Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House 'Everyone who is of truth listens to my voice' (John 18.37, ESV). If life in the Spirit is one of 'listening and response to the Lord', it must be [...]

views, reviews and previews

THE FIRST GEORGIANS Art and Monarchy 1714-60 The Queen's Gallery 11 April-12 October Admission £9.75, concessions available It was one of the triumphs of Queen Victorias image makers that they played down the Germans. Not so much Albert but Victoria's [...]

Travelling purposefully

Philip O'Reilly on the important role of pilgrimage in facilitating church growth It has taken until the beginning of my third decade of ordained ministry to achieve it, but during the autumn term of 2013 I finally had a sabbatical. [...]

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