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Robert Fayers recounts a useful time spent at the Palazzo Doria Pamphilii 'To go to Rome is much trouble and little profit', so runs the opening lines of a verse in the Celtic tradition. They are words with which I [...]

Sex and the Incarnation

David Wise on sexual differentiation, incarnation and representative priesthood Since "the vote", the church of England has experienced a process of fracturing which is not yet at an end. A widening gap between revealed faith and theologically correct novelties characterises [...]


William Tighe relates some recent events in Uppsala Uppsala Cathedral, the seat of the Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala and Primate of the Church of Sweden (the one Protestant church of the Reformation era in addition to the Church of England [...]


Ecclesiological Antagonisms Recent Synod meetings in Australia's two largest dioceses, Sydney and Melbourne, have once again highlighted the deep differences and fractures that exist within the Anglican polity "downunder". Delivering his sermon to the Synod Eucharist, the Archbishop of Melbourne [...]


The Interview: David Houlding It must have been two National Assemblies ago, during one of those brief moments when the juggernaut of business, speeches, worship and social intercourse pauses to change gear, that we first exchanged a few idle pleasantries. [...]


The recently appointed Bishop of Twyford, The Rt Revd Andrew Armitage-Shanks, has died tragically as a result of a flying accident in his episcopal area at the age of 49. Andrew William Cameron Armitage-Shanks was born Andrew Carson Shanks, the [...]


The Final Countdown (Revelation 14:6-16:19) The tendency of Revelation to look at the same subject from different angles means it is sometimes difficult to detect progress in the overall theme. However, chapter 14 marks a definite 'gear change'. In particular, [...]

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