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Rochester Commission I Many thanks to all our members and friends who have made submissions to the Bishop of Rochester’s Commission on Women and the Episcopate. Thanks too to those who sent a copy of their submission to us at [...]


The Days of Man are but as GRAS George Austin on the Group to Rescind the Act of Synod Write about the GRAS Report, said the Editor. But what shall I write? I tried to beg a copy from a [...]

Malawi Mailing

From the days when I used to visit the Taizé Community in France, I recall the twin foci of their endeavours: contemplation and struggle. Certainly their mode of prayer and worship has retained its appeal for young people across the [...]


THE ORIGINS OF CHRISTENDOM IN THE WEST Edited by Alan Kreider T & T Clark, 380 pp, hbk 0 567 08776 X, [£25] Christianity in Europe is in the melting pot. The leadership of the Church of England may seek [...]

Letter from Australia

‘God's in his heaven, Austin Day's at Christ Church St Laurence, and all's right in the world.’ So it was said for many years by Australian Anglo-Catholics, indicating the crucial role of both Christ Church (set in right in the [...]

Letter from America

The Chairman of Forward in Faith UK, Bishop John Broadhurst, attended the recent National Assembly of FiFNA in Mundelein, Illinois. The following documents and statements emerged from what was a very positive and forward-looking conference. A Forward in Faith Statement [...]


AVE VERUM CORPUS As more and more money is demanded for less and less parochial clergy, financial retrenchment bites deep. But not, apparently, for the Archbishop's Council. Last month clergy received packs of high quality, expensively printed, glossy brochures entitled [...]


Recovering Pastoral Theology We need to recover a wholesome reconstruction of pastoral care that is informed by Christian theology, within the context of the Christian community and where the pastoral office is correlated with liturgy and prayer, preaching and the [...]

Where are they now?

Robbie Low examines the list of those lost to the Church of England We have just entered the tenth year of the Church of England's self-inflicted internal schism. In all the accelerated decline that has engulfed the Church since that [...]

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