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Unity by ambiguity

Despite the Church of England's initial unwillingness to engage with theology in its quest for unity the Eighties saw some short-lived progress, as George Austin explains in his exploration of the ecumenical debate The 1975 debate on the ordination of [...]

Keeping the college

Stuart Seaton has been considering the sort of compromise solution that might emerge from the Guildford Group, and finds than any such proposal, by undermining the collegiality of all bishops, is likely to satisfy nobody It appears that the bishops [...]

Stop, look, listen

Jonathan Baker has been reading the ecumenical response offered by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales to the Rochester Report, and has found it the best summary of the issues involved Time plays tricks with the processes of [...]


The question of adequate provision for episcopal oversight for Anglo-Catholic members of the Church of England’ wrote a senior spokesperson for Lambeth Palace recently, ‘does of course remain a fundamental challenge. Several models are being talked about, including the Third [...]

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