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Sad news Just so you know that it has jettisoned its claim to be Catholic, the following message came from the Principal of the College of the Resurrection, Mirfield: At a meeting of the College Council last week, it was [...]

last chronicle

Fighting talk It was a tragedy,' says Dame M. Flora Enderby, churchwarden of St Anselm of Canterbury, Lower Pusey in the diocese of Barchester, when the bailiffs arrived during the 11.00am High Mass to evict the priest and congregation from [...]


Much has happened recently in church affairs, and each week brings a fresh surprise, but perhaps the most surprising, even shocking development in the long running, exhaustive debate about women in the priesthood and the episcopate is the recent return [...]

letters to the editor

Not so erastian From Fr William Tighe Was there not a glaring historical inaccuracy in Bp Buchanans article 'Provincial autonomy' [November]? I agree in general terms with his thesis that provincial autonomy' is coeval with Anglicanism and can even be [...]

30 days

One day in thy courts... One persecuted Episcopalian tells of a new pilgrimage site in New York City - a shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Perpetual Litigation. Who can she have been? Enquiries from 30Days to the Office of [...]

Touching place

t Mary and St Saviour, Tetbury At the centre of fashionable hunting country, the distant view of the town is dominated by the tower and spire of St Mary's. By the late 18th c. the mediaeval church was in a [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk disagrees with Bishop Buchanan's assertion that provincial autonomy is no novelty for Anglicans My good friend Colin Buchanan has criticized another good friend, John Shepley for claiming that provincial autonomy' in the Anglican Communion is a novel concept [...]


Defenders of the Faith? Ed Tomlinson on the role of bishops It is my understanding, gleaned from the historic teaching of the Church, that the primary task of a bishop is to safeguard the Christian faith. This necessarily involves each [...]

Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on a significant book in which Evangelicals rediscover tradition Ancient Faith for the Church's Future, edited by Mark Husbands and Jeffrey P. Greenman [IVP Academic], is a significant book of essays written by Evangelicals. The essays from the [...]

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