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Thy Stomach’s Sake

‘Armand’ with some hints for Christmas   Blackwoods 2012 Vintage Dry Gin Wine buffs know all about vintages. Tell a group of people that you’ve just shelled out on a bottle of plonk and someone will ask “what year is [...]

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Forward in Food

‘Audubon’ looks forward to the Feast   If there is a problem with Christmas, it is that we are often hidebound by tradition. Every time the discerning cook tries to introduce some slight variation – in the food, the drink, [...]

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December Diary

‘Thurifer’ goes to Wales, and returns to London   The railway journey from Shrewsbury to the heart of Wales is charming. (Has Michael Portillo done it?) A small, rickety, clattering train speeds along. Although much of the track (some of [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe on the power of performance   Donald Trump says that the theatre must always be a safe and special place. Nowhere for relevance or political consciousness, that seems to imply. I have not been to Hamilton in New [...]

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Views, Reviews and Previews

Art   You say you want a revolution? Records and Rebels 1966-70 Victoria and Albert Museum until 26 February 2017   This exhibition explores what was significant about the late 1960s. It does this mainly through music; but also through [...]

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Democracy has struck again, and Donald Trump has been elected to be the next President of the United States. It’s always interesting to watch self-proclaimed liberals become so angry that they lose control of their critical faculties when faced with [...]

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Letters to the Editor

From Dr Andrew Chandler   Sir―   In his article in the October edition of New Directions the Revd Graham Sawyer refers specifically to the case of Bishop George Bell, but only to make a succession of distracting assumptions and [...]

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Incommunicable To Any Other   H. Smyth on the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary   No doctrine should be rejected as not containing truth merely because it has been Papally defined in Counter-Reformation times. One such doctrine, that [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith on the Mystery of the Incarnation   We live in a world that seems obsessed by time, and yet which appears to have a very limited understanding of it. My piggy bank would do quite well at this [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on Mark Frank and Our Lady   The Anglican concern for sober piety and ordered loveliness is seen perhaps more clearly in the works of a less well-known divine, Mark Frank (1613–1664). His works consist of two books [...]

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