/December 2018 Articles

The Great War

Robert Beaken considers the causes of the First World War   I have been slightly dreading today, the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War in 1918. As a historian and author of a book about the [...]

Joy to the World

Mother Mary Luke CHC offers a devotion at Benediction   ‘The gracehoper was always jigging a jog on account of his joyicity.’ I love these words by the master wordsmith, James Joyce. They conjure up a picture of someone so [...]

Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe considers Remembrance   When I was admitted as a chorister at Chichester Cathedral on Lady Day 1954, I was given a copy of the 1928 Prayer Book signed by Dean Duncan-Jones. I also became eligible to attend the [...]

Letter to the Editor

From Father Stephen Jones Sir I much appreciated Edward Dowler’s piece entitled ‘Marginalising Catholicism’ in the November 2018 edition of New Directions.  Reflecting upon the theme of ‘Catholic Mission’, Fr Dowler sets out two ‘guiding principles’ which inform his ongoing [...]

Winter Diary

Thurifer  offers a new way forward   Ellen Wilkinson (1891–1947) was a Labour MP and writer. As MP for Jarrow she was a central figure in the ‘Jarrow Crusade,’ which saw a group of men from her constituency march to [...]