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Touching place

S Martin's Beckland, Norfolk   The major roads of the Norfolk Breckland (such as they are) tend to avoid the villages, so that places like Thompson are very much off the beaten track and bypassed by both visitors and the [...]

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1662 and All That

Fergus Butler-Gallie offers a Christmas Quiz   THE EARLY CHURCH Give approximate dates for the Early Church from the options below:   a) 33-100 AD b) 0-500 AD c) 2020- ? AD d) 8 am (BCP)   If the price [...]

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Recipes from Mary Berry

Extracted from Mary Berry Simple Comforts by Mary Berry (BBC Books, £26).    Double-baked  mushroom soufflés   Pure indulgence in the best way! You can make these simple mushroom and cheese soufflés well ahead of time, then reheat them in [...]

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Cooking up Christmas

Simon Walsh selects the  pick of this year’s new cookery books   Margaret Costa’s Four Seasons Cookery Book (Grub Street, £16.99) was first published in 1970 and Grub St has done a great service in a golden jubilee reprinting. With [...]

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Views, reviews and previews

art   Kai Althoff goes with Bernard Leach Whitechapel Gallery, until January 10th, 2021   One of the fashions in contemporary exhibitions is for the catalogue to give a scholarly description of everything which can be learnt about the creation [...]

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As Christians we have a duty to work for the preservation of all human life. This quite rightly means that Christians take an interest in matters of justice and freedom, and that they seek to work for the promotion of [...]

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Poor Fred…..Really?

Ann George remembers her brother Father Fred George, Archdeacon Emeritus of St Helena   Our mother always spoke of her second son as “Poor Fred”, so much so that Fred took it for the name of his first volume of [...]

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