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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    The Light of Hope   Houses, garden, streets and shops are ablaze with light; artificial light, glaring, twinkling, creating a celebratory atmosphere driving the dark away. There is no artificial light, no on off switch to drive [...]

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Touching place

ALL SAINTS, FRISKNEY, LINCS   As my car rolled up beside Friskney church that afternoon last July, it had been a dispiriting day. Church after church had been locked, over a year after the original COVID-19 closures. But Friskney was [...]

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Some Somerset church towers have particular distinguishing features. The ‘long-panelled’ design of the belfry at Wells S Cuthbert (1) is one such. John Harvey commented that its design was doubtless influenced by the fashion of the W towers of Wells [...]

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Views, reviews and previews

Art   Poussin and the Dance National Gallery, London until 2nd January, 2022   Anthony Blunt – traitor, spy and art historian – had a reputation for great intelligence and a certain coldness. He was the twentieth century’s foremost expert [...]

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December & January Diary

Thurifer is nostalgic and nearsighted   We are now “living with Covid” as with influenza yet still threat of lockdown. Masks are still in evidence. Not everything is as it was. The social, economic and political consequences of the pandemic [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith looks ahead to next year’s calendar   Never mind that outdated old liturgical calendar you’ve got. Here are some dates for your next year’s diary. 20th February is the beginning of A-romantic Spectrum Awareness Week, which I gather [...]

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The Director’s Cut

Before moving on to seasonal matters, allow me to start with three pieces of good news. Firstly, the initial meeting of the Catholic Mission Network was a great success, involving a large number of Society clergy from across the country [...]

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