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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    Living with the Judge   In the Book of Common Prayer, the canticle after the Old Testament lesson at Morning Prayer is always the Te Deum. In the Roman Divine Office, the Te Deum is only used [...]

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Christians have a  moral duty to condemn this Russian genocide, says Yuri Polakiwsky   It is both disappointing, even shocking, that after ten months of war in Ukraine, Pope Francis had to ‘clarify’ his views. He called the war ‘senseless, [...]

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This forward view will be refreshed for each edition of New Directions, looking a year ahead each time and focusing on national events. Further details of each event will be contained on the lead organisation’s website. If you would like [...]

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Secrets betrayed

Mark McIntyre looks at suffering through a new study of Anne Frank and her family   One author has suggested that to place the suffering of Carmelite martyrs such as St Edith Stein and St Titus Brandsma in context, the [...]

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening   by Robert Frost   The American poet Robert Frost (1874–1963) was something of a laureate for the nation. The US Senate passed a resolution honouring his 75th birthday: ‘His poems have helped to [...]

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Next to Nature A Lifetime in the English Countryside  Ronald Blythe John Murray 2022 ISBN‎ 9781399804677   Ronald Blythe will need no introduction for readers of the Church Times. For more than twenty years he contributed a short weekly article, [...]

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Festus   2022 has been dominated by the Christ Church saga. The millionaire Martyn Percy has left the college, cathedral and Church of England itself but still blogs furiously for anyone willing to read his pearls of wisdom. He also [...]

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