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Does it matter that the Christmas stories really happened or not? First of all I want to point our that there is no textual evidence in the gospels that they are unreliable., The stories are as authentic as the rest [...]


An Extra-ordinary Anomaly "A NECESSARY and strictly extraordinary anomaly." This quote from the Eames Commission about parallel episcopal jurisdiction came to mind on receiving the latest Reform newsletter from the pen of chairman Philip Hacking commenting on the Council's statement [...]


EPIPHANY, A Theological Introduction to Catholicism. Aidan Nichols, Michael Glazier, The Liturgical Press, 1996, 491pp, pbk, ISBN 0-8146-5504-1, œ27.50 IN THE introduction to Epiphany, Fr Nichols commends this, his most recent publication, to: "my fellow clergy in the hope that [...]


AN EVANGELICAL APOLOGIA FOR ALTERNATIVE OVERSIGHT IT IS COMMON knowledge that Evangelical Anglicans have long been divided over the ordination of women as priests. Some (especially the so-called "open" Evangelicals) have welcomed and indeed campaigned for it, conservative Evangelicals have [...]


PAPUAN PROUST VS AUSTRALIAN SHAKESPEARE AUSTRALIA ENTERED 1997 in the midst of a debate about immigration, and multi-culturalism. The issue has been stirred up by Pauline Hanson, a single mother and the proprietor of a Fish and Chip shop, who [...]

The Way We Live Now

THE LAST TABOO `I have been assured by a very knowing American of my acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing and wholesome food, whether roasted, baked or [...]


William Powell believes that Flying Bishops were the political price of women's ordination - and that Philip Crowe should accept the fact THE ECCLESIASTICAL Committee of Parliament is a most curious anomaly. Established by Statute just after the First World [...]


Robbie Low wonders if some new Synodical notions will 'take' in his parish A NUMBER OF PEOPLE in the congregation - and in the street - have asked me about the recent General Synod proposals to abandon the calling of [...]

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