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for the exercise of enhanced responsibility by the Primates' Meeting by Archbishop Drexel W. Gomez & Presiding Bishop Maurice W. Sinclair (The Archbishop of Canterbury's initial response to these Proposals appears at the end of this article) PREFACE 1.1 In [...]


Relevant... to Whom? THE AUSTRALIAN experience of entering the new millennium has given rise to a number of studies examining the nature of society Down Under. In particular it seems that everywhere people are talking about the differences between the [...]


AMiA: A Mission in Action THE HOMECOMING CONFERENCE of the Anglican Mission in America in South Carolina between 18 and 23 January exceeded the wildest expectations of its planners. They thought they might get 250 people; over eight hundred came! [...]


John Twiselton offers some thoughts about the priesthood at the dawn of the Third Christian Millennium GOD CREATED the priest; and the devil, in revenge, created the clergy.' It can be true. Someone related to me impressions of the priests [...]


Candlemass THE RICH SIGNIFICANCE of this midwinter observance has been increasingly appreciated in recent years, and in the calendar of Common Worship it is ranked as one of the Principal Feasts. All the themes of this festival are derived from [...]


In our January editorial we deplored the role of the House of Commons in further eroding the few remaining safeguards on the rights of pre-natal human life. "The Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Research Purposes) Regulations 2000" rumbled into the House [...]

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