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Children and Young People’s Work 2002 All members of Forward in Faith have reason to be extremely grateful to Fr Ronald Crane, our Regional Dean for Mercia, and all his team of helpers, for all their work on our behalf [...]


George Austin on religion with no expense spared Naughty vicars still catch the headlines, but before the announcement of Dr Carey’s retirement, where were the other Church stories (and scandals) in the broadsheets? Certainly in the past decade spin-doctors have [...]

Bad Medicine

When planning to spend Christmas 2001 with family in England, the question of house security in Zomba had to be considered. Burglaries are fairly common in Malawi – and are not confined to homes that belong to the relatively affluent [...]

The Bishops to Come

Paul Williamson on strategy in an inevitable battle I WAS at the Forward in Faith Conference on Saturday 13th October and heard these words in disbelief. My mind ranged over the problem, and my heart thumped. Why? Why give in [...]


TOLKIEN AND THE LORD OF THE RINGS A Guide to Middle-earth Cohn Duriez Azure, 296pp, pbk 1 902694 22 8, £5.99 The meek will inherit the earth, God makes foolish the wisdom of the wise, and his strength is made [...]


The Silly Silly Season By the time this LETTER is read, most Australians will be back at work after the long summer holidays. The antipodeans silly season goes from the week before Christmas until now. To understand this fully, readers [...]


Bishop Edwin and A Cautionary Tale from California Life is hard for a retired bishop. Lunch on a private cruiser, a visit to the Getty museum. In between times, though, there was some serious business to be done. Our mission [...]


The 50,000 guineas When George Carey retires as the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury, he will leave both a Church of England and an Anglican Communion to his successor in far better shape than many might have imagined. This is a [...]


Sentiment and Sentimentality The death of Jennifer Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s prematurely born child, showed the British media in an uncharacteristically favourable light. The quality dailies and the television news channels seemed genuinely delighted that the birth of [...]

30 Days

SOME MISTAKE SURELY In the wake of September 11th Fleet Street has spared no effort to educate us, in line with government policy, on the truly pacific and very wonderful nature of Islam. Late into the field, but not to [...]

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