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Faith of our Fathers

Gracious and Glorious Love The end in the End The life of prayer is timeless. Its origins and destination lie elsewhere. Thus there are not really stages at all since there is something of everything all the time. Yet, while [...]

The Colenso Affair

Rodney Schofield launches our series on parts of the Anglican Communion Present tensions within the Anglican Communion are nothing new. Its history is complex, and it seems that the expansion of the Anglican Church worldwide has always been fraught with [...]

A Word in three Voices

Patrick Henry Reardon on the texture of Scripture Like Caesar's Gaul, the Christian Gospel is divided into three parts, each theologically identified by the people to whom it is addressed. This division is sequential, involving stages, and all three have [...]

The Soane Ranger

Anne Gardom's serentipital mid-London experience The Sir John Soane Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields is one of London's surprises. It is an odd and interesting place, and was the creation of an odd and interesting man. John Soane (1753–1837) came [...]

Too fond of sausages

One of the more amusing events in the otherwise austere Swiss Reformation was the Supper of the Sausage. In 1522, on the First Sunday in Lent, Christoph Froschauer solemnly sat down with twelve companions, cut up a sausage and passed [...]

Anglican Identities

Arthur Middleton looks at the origin of the Anglican Communion ‘… a fellowship within the one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church of those duly constituted Dioceses, Provinces or Regional Churches in communion with the See of Canterbury …’ Lambeth 1930 [...]

Man United

You read it in New Directions first! This column – second to none in its admiration of ‘Footballers’ Wives’ (if you think we have got the apostrophe wrong, please contact Lynne Truss directly at Profile Books, 58A Hatton Garden, EC1N [...]


Acts of Eternity Jesus performed his miracles by raising the natural suffering and pain into the eternal order by acts of eternity. He lived in eternity while dwelling on earth. As there is no suffering in eternity, nor time, his [...]

Not big, and not clever

John Richardson looks at the arguments of Jeffrey John In the run-up to its February session, members of the Church of England’s General Synod will have received complementary copies of Permanent, Faithful, Stable by Canon Jeffrey John. This little booklet [...]

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