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FiF Update

Stand up for Jesus - When and Where? All members of Forward in Faith are warmly invited by the Master and members of SSC — the Society of the Holy Cross — to join them in the Royal Albert Hall [...]


George Austin on ceasing to be human A recent TV programme, Auschwitz, The Forgotten Evidence, included interviews with survivors. One man described how on arrival at the concentration camp he, as a fit young Jewish male, was herded into one [...]

It Could be You

Arthur Lewis advertises a winning little number The helicopter did not actually land. But it made an enormous noise, just over the quadrangle at the College of St Barnabas. Police cars swept in with lights blazing, and the search was [...]

Book Reviews

Robin Eames, René Girard, Robert Hawker Corpus Michael Symmons Roberts Cape Poetry 72pp, pbk. 0 224 07342 7, £8.00 Corpus, the fourth collection of Michael Symmons Roberts’ work to be published, has recently been awarded the 2005 Whitbread Prize for [...]


Funeral rites and wrongs Over twenty years ago, Bruce Wilson claimed in his book, ‘Can God Survive in Australia?’ that the churches had failed conspicuously in their handling of those rites of passage for which nominal Christians and even non-Christians [...]

Synod Insider

Gerry O'Brien on a curious correspondence My dear Wormwood, Obviously you are making excellent progress. My only fear is that you are overdoing it a bit and that if you push the patient too far you will awaken him to [...]


The Mystery of the Missing Messiah If you can’t explain a doctrine simply, it’s probably because you don’t understand it yourself’. Such was the repeated message of my training incumbent to his curates. Donald probably had a point. But does [...]

Thirty Days

LITURGICAL DISASTER Enthusiasts for instant liturgy will have been greatly inspired by recent offerings on the Australian Council of Churches website. In the wake of the tidal wave a form of service was posted which included some immediately relevant words [...]

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