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book reviews

50 KEY CONCEPTS IN THEOLOGY Hugh Rayment-Pickard DLT, 176pp, pbk 978 0232526226, £10.95 In this short paperback, Hugh Rayment-Pickard offers a summary of fifty theological ideas, each of between one and two pages. His subject matter is largely doctrinal, but [...]


America Strange events In CORRESPONDENTS this month we chronicle some recent strange events in the United States. The Episcopal Church is in turmoil, not least in deciding what is core doctrine and who has strayed from it. These pieces, all [...]

last chronicle

Religious News Service, January 2018 It was announced today that preparations are well underway for the traditional not-the-Alternative Lambeth Conference. The Conference (last convened in Jerusalem 2008) traditionally protests developments in the United States and Canada which in traditional Anglican [...]

30 days

New kid on the block A warm 30Days welcome to Affirming Liberalism, a new organization apparently based either in the city of dreaming spires, or in the ether at www. affirming-liberalism.org.uk. Apparently, AffLibs are folk who 'have identified the need [...]

Touching Place

ST MICHAEL, CASCOB, RADNOR You come to this humble church, near the head of the Cas valley, after driving for several miles along a narrow, hedge-lined road. Remote, with hardly any settlement nearby, it occupies a part-circular churchyard (often a [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on the controversy surrounding the diocese of San Joaquin and the questions that it raises about ecclesiology To adapt the words of Voltaire about God Almighty, if Katharine Jefferts Schori did not exist it would be impossible [...]

Cross and Scripture

Philip's teaching of the Ethiopian illustrates the relationship between the Cross and Scripture Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity Theological reflection on the sufferings of Jesus may well begin with that scene [...]

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