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The Church of England continues to remain focused on growth and mission and this is a good thing. It is unclear whether the revision of the baptismal rite will lead to growth or whether it is good for the mission [...]

Thought of the day

The Church’s Divinity I hope in Jesus Christ before I hope in the Church. Unlike her Lord’s humanity the Church’s humanity is flawed by sin so though I love her it is with critical loyalty. And yet the Church contains [...]

touching place

Ss Peter and Paul, Eye, Suffolk Eye church has a brilliant location, an eye-stopper at the end of its street near the centre of this market town. And of course it is the tower that does it. If you have [...]

the way we live now

Christopher Smith wonders why some in the Church of England want to take the devil out of the rite of baptism I’m still not a twitterer, but I have recently discovered to my almost unbearable delight that the Church of [...]


Richard II Tom Sutcliffe on Shakespeare at the Barbican and the importance of keeping theatre alive Gregory Doran’s production of Richard II which has been at the Barbican Theatre over Christmas honoured the Royal Shakespeare Company’s tradition of seriousness about [...]

Book of the month

Why Form and Matter matter. Bishop Martyn Jarrett has just one or two niggles with an otherwise excellent introduction to sacramental theology WHY SACRAMENTS? Andrew Davison SPCK, 200pp, pbk 978 0281071340, £12.99 Andrew Davison has given us a splendid introduction [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the scriptural doctrine of baptism The New Testament states that baptism is the means of a new and spiritual birth, as Jesus told Nicodemus, ‘begotten of water and the Spirit.’ These words refer to Christian baptism and [...]


Before the Crib Arthur Middleton As the forty days of Christmas come to an end on the Feast of Candlemas on 2 February, let us reflect what we see in the Christ-child. The mystery of this child tells us that [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Dealing with the enemy Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House Recently a bishop justified a proposed baptismal liturgy by claiming that ‘the devil is theologically problematical.’ If he means ‘it’s difficult to explain an objective force for [...]

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