/February 2018 Articles


Diocese Bishop Representative Bath & Wells, Ebbsfleet, Revd Julian Laurence SSC Birmingham, Ebbsfleet, Revd Philip Calvert SSC Blackburn, Burnley, Revd Paul Benfield SSC Bristol, Ebbsfleet, The Bishop of Ebbsfleet Canterbury, Richborough, Revd Peter Harnden SSC Carlisle, Beverley, Revd Paul Benfield [...]

Longjohns’ Song

1 I am the very model of a buccaneering miracle I’ve knowledge that is erudite, historical and lyrical You cannot fault my reasoning in matters theoretical I know the church’s history, both accepted and heretical. I’m very well-acquainted too with [...]

Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the reception of Holy Communion In Durham Essays and Addresses, Michael Ramsey discusses the gains and losses of the Parish Communion Movement, in which there is much that made him uneasy. In some parishes there is a [...]

Championing the Poor

David Wilson issues a call to arms for Christ, the church, and the poor The dishevelled man leaned against the pillar, wearing ‘working man’s clothes,’ and was clearly in need. My grandfather rose from his prayers and walked across the [...]


Thurifer goes to the pantomime The death of Christine Keeler late last year briefly brought back into focus the Profumo scandal, which almost defines the Sixties for many. It had everything: femmes fatales, erring politicians, sex and spies, debauchery among [...]

Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe considers the state of opera on the radio and mixed-sex Cathedral choirs Something has gone seriously wrong with opera on radio. The BBC used to have a proper opera department that recorded complete rarities and knew how to [...]

That is the news!

Jonathan Beswick suggests a good companion for Lent ‘God is here comen to us. That is the news!’ whispers the woman mystic, Malle. Her visions witness to the shimmering theological thread that runs steadfastly through H.F.M. Prescott’s book The Man [...]