/February 2018 Articles

A Nation Once Again!

Alan Smith considers the essence of Brexit Now that Parliament has agreed that the Government may negotiate the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union, discussion on the subject is concentrating on the degrees of hardness that Brexit should take. [...]

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Charles I, King and Martyr

Michael Fisher reflects on parallels between the times of Charles I and Elizabeth II ‘O holy king, whose severed head The martyr’s crown doth ray, With tears for every blood-drop shed, Saint Charles for England pray.’ 30 January is the [...]

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National Assembly 2017

The following motion, moved by Fr Damian Feeney SSC and seconded by the Bishop of Wakefield (Chairman of Forward in Faith), was passed unanimously by the Assembly: ‘That this Assembly adopt the document ‘Forming Missionary Disciples’ as the mission strategy [...]

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The Five Guiding Principles:

A Conversation Two archdeacons work together in a unique arrangement As Archdeacon for the Two Cities and Archdeacon of London respectively, Rosemary Lain-Priestley and Luke Miller serve the parishes of the Two Cities Episcopal Area of the Diocese of London [...]

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Forward with Faith and Freedom

Philip Barnes reflects on the onward journey One of the games we sometimes like to play is ‘what might have happened.’ It’s a game you can play historically—‘What might have happened if this particular monarch had survived a bit longer, [...]

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