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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    The Mission of Prayer   I believe it was Father Robert, a founder of the Community of the Servants of the Will of God, who said ‘the mission of the Church is weak because her prayer is [...]

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From America, Victor Lee Austin sees the issue of abortion beyond politics   In the half-century since the U.S. Supreme Court thought it settled the abortion issue, the issue has not gone away. A few months hence the Court will [...]

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ALL SAINTS, WATERDEN, NORFOLK   Blink at the wrong moment as you drive along a by-road between Walsingham and South Creake, and you’ll miss Waterden. The tiny church stands a little way back from the road, down a slope. There [...]

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New titles for Lent 2022   Back in 2019, I reviewed two titles for Lent that year (what a world away it seems) by Erik Varden and Henry Martin. Both authors have new books in this round-up for 2022, and [...]

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Festus   Collectors of ecclesiastical property might be interested in Bishops Court, the former country residence of the Bishop of Exeter and just seven miles outside the cathedral city. It’s been on the market for £4.5m. With nine bedrooms, four [...]

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Christopher Smith   It all seems a long time ago now, but I wonder what you got for Christmas. Something nice, I hope. I got Covid and ten days’ quite enjoyable isolation. I certainly don’t deserve any sympathy, as I [...]

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Thurifer   A new General Synod of the Church of England met for the first time in November. It has become a remarkably forgettable institution. Doubtless much work and effort goes into its organization and the mechanics of its meetings [...]

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Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir, May I, through the pages of New Directions, express our great gratitude to those who have responded so generously to the article in which Fr. Adam Edwards described the work of the Lifeboat Project? The donations we have [...]

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Will Hazlewood   Too often we seek to look forward and not back. Most of us are glad that 2021 is ended and we hope that 2022 will be a better year. However, if something occurs in a period that [...]

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