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Papal Anniversary

The Sacred Synod of Clergy (October 2002) requested that a letter be sent to Pope John Paul II, assuring him of the Synod’s prayers and good wishes on the occasion of the impending anniversary of his pontificate. The Rt Revd [...]


Battle Stations George Austin on wrong priorities There is one bright light on the horizon, the importance of which is perhaps greater than it first seems: Archbishop David Hope has said he wishes to return to parish life for a [...]


Reason and logic and the value of philosophy PHILOSOPHY AND RELIGION: FROM PLATO TO POSTMODERNISM Max Charlesworth One World, 176pp, pbk 1 85168 307 0, £12.99 Ever since the tyranny of the suspicion and cowardice of the Protestant nonconformists was [...]


No meeting of minds The following are excerpts from a video recording of a recent meeting between Bishop Charles Bennison of Pennsylvania and the Vestry (PCC) of the Church of the Good Shepherd, Rosemont. MALE PARISHIONER: Your press releases said [...]

Synod Insider

Does Rowan have a plan? Making the transition from academia to the real world is never easy. Moving to a high profile public office only makes matters worse. With the glare of the media spotlight upon you, even minor peccadilloes [...]

The Way We Live Now

Saints and Santas Tales of wacky vicars are an integral part of what the media insist on calling ‘the run-up to Christmas’. So hats off this year to the Revd Dr Lee Rayfield (b55, d93, p94), who according to the [...]

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