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FiF Update

National Assembly, 2005 The 12th Forward in Faith National Assembly will take place at the Emmanuel Centre, Marsham Street, SW1 on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd October. Spare a thought . . . . . . for all those New [...]

Media Watch

Sex is over for 2005: George Austin proposes an unlikely Sabbatical Could it be that Mary Whitehouse, in her 1960s and 70s criticisms of television and the permissive society - much derided at the time by progressive voices in both [...]

Book Reviews

Anabaptists, Quakers, ecology and sacrifice Turning Towards The Lord U. M. Lang Ignatius Press, 160pp, pbk 0 89870 986 5, [$12.95] The vade mecum of Anglo-Catholic liturgists is Ritual Notes – essentially an adaptation for Anglican use of the magisterial [...]

Letter from Australia

A tough time for secularists and liberals Over the last few months there has been a robust debate in Australia about the role of religion in public life. Political commentators point to the success of the Liberal/ National Party Coalition [...]

Letter from America

Michael Heidt on old ways – new hope ONE OF THE HAPPIER things about moving parishes is the cheerful opportunity it gives to remove 1970s memorabilia. Out go the weary cassock albs with their thick, rope-like waist accessories that the [...]

Synod Insider

Gerry O'Brien says 'Opportunity knocks' What are the prospects for two thousand and five – or twenty-oh-five if you have read your BBC pronunciation handbook? It rather reminds me of the story of two American sales reps who met up [...]

30 Days

SECRET SOCIETY Every year, among hundreds of other greetings, the esteemed Secretary of Forward in Faith, Fr Geoffrey Kirk, regularly receives several offensive cards. This year’s piece de resistance enshrined a fat naked bald black lady giving birth above the [...]

Clone Ranger

Peter Mullen on the Bishop of Oxford Over the last forty years, traditional believers have been forced to put up with the ruminations of many modernising iconoclasts but Richard Harries, Bishop of Oxford, surpasses them all. Recently, Harries turned his [...]

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