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America Revolution in Virginia Virginia is the heartland of Episcopalianism, the largest diocese, with many of its churches dating from before the American Revolution and the establishment of the Episcopal Church. Recent events there are likely to lead to further [...]

letters to the editor

Breaking the rules From Fr Richard Martin It was interesting to read the Bishop of Bolton's biblical arguments for the ordination of women [ND December], but why is it that people like him - and most of our present episcopal [...]

last chronicle

Santa Monica, California, September 2018 It was announced today that scientists at the Santa Monica Centre for Clinical Investigation have finally isolated the gene causing Liberal Theology. The problem is one which has fascinated the medical world for many years. [...]

Forward in Faith update

Greetings from Reform At our National Assembly last October, the delegates sent greetings to our evangelical brothers and sister in Reform. Following the Reform Annual Conference, the Director received this message, which he now shares with the members of Forward [...]

30 days

Warped This weekend, as New Directions is published, the Church is celebrating the Epiphany of the Lord. Except, of course, in Scarborough, where, by order of the calendrically-challenged Town Centre Management Team, it happened some weeks ago, after the launch [...]

Touching Place

ST GILES, CHEADLE, STAFFSThe 200 foot spire of St Giles dominates the market town of Cheadle. The central position of the church, near the High Street, shouts 'parish church,' but this one isn't; at least, not an Anglican one. You [...]

Sacred vision

Denis, Bishop of Alexandria, described Apollonia's martyrdom in 249 thus, "They seized the aged deaconess, broke out all her teeth with blows to the jaw, and lighting a bonfire outside the city, threatened to burn her alive unless she joined [...]

the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk reflects on the recent murders in Ipswich and what they tell us about contemporary morality To those, like me, who supposed that the phrase 'red light district of Ipswich must be something approaching an oxymoron, the two weeks [...]


The Presentation of Christ Crispin Harrison CR Although the Christmas season ends with the Baptism of Our Lord, a beautiful afterglow occurs on 2 February with the feast of the Presentation of Christ in the Temple. This commemorates the gospel [...]

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