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Bitter church rivals

Simon Heans shares a blow by blow account of the setting up of a church plant in his own parish and wonders what it presages for cooperation between Catholic and Evangelical Anglicans Your enemy's enemy isn't necessarily your friend.' That [...]

The leader leads

The beginning of John Richardson's comments on the Archbishop of Canterbury's letter [p. 19] If thirty-plus years in ordained ministry in the Church of England has taught me anything, it is that everyone wants a lead from the bishops, until [...]

Mary, grace and hope

In February General Synod will discuss the ARCIC statement on Mary Thomas Seville takes a closer look at the contents of this document and finds it to be a positive and important step towards Christian unity The search for the [...]


In what looks like a rush to pre-empt the CofE, the Church in Wales has published a draft Bill to enable women to be ordained as bishops. It is a strange confection. It begins by claiming that it is 'now [...]

book reviews

GOD AND GRACE OF BODY Sacrament in Ordinary David Brown OUP, 445pp, hbk 978 0 19 923182 9, £30 Had the word eclectic not existed, it would have been necessary to invent it, in order to describe the mind of [...]


To: Primates of the Anglican Communion & Moderators of the United Churches From: The Most Revd Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury Greetings in the name of the One 'who is and was and is to come, the Almighty', as we [...]

letters to the editor

Moving altars From Ian Wetmore Regarding Peter Mullens very good piece, 'Displaced Altars' [November], he includes St Peters, Rome, as one of those great churches in which the high altar was hauled away from the east wall in accordance with [...]

Forward in Faith update

Subscriptions If you pay your subscription to Forward in faith by any other method than Bankers Order, you naturally run the risk of overlooking your payment one year and not realizing that you have done so until your New Directions [...]

30 days

Different in the North West 30Days is grateful to Ruth Gledhill of The Times for some gems from an analysis of bishops' expenses during 2006. Our good friend the Bishop of Burnley apparently spent no less than £10 on quiet [...]

Touching Place

LES JACOBINS, TOULOUSE The Capitole is a bustling place in high summer, humming with life, for Toulouse is the centre of the aerospace industry, and like all smart French cities it has a new Metro system. You could sit in [...]

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