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touching place

St Michael, Heydour, Lincs You never know what you’ll find along the byways of Lincolnshire; one of the county’s lesser known marvels is just over a mile off the Grantham-Sleaford road, and in a badly-signposted hamlet at that. Lincolnshire must [...]


Is Parsifal a Christian opera? Tom Sutcliffe is unimpressed by a non-Christian approach to Wagner’s work Is Parsifal a Christian opera? I am sure that Jon Vickers, the greatest Parsifal I have ever seen or heard and perhaps one of [...]

faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on William Jones of Nayland (1726–1800) On the cover of Jones’s treatise, The Catholic Doctrine of the Trinity, Bishop Lightfoot described William Jones as ‘one of the faithful ones who kept alive the Truth of Christ’s Church during [...]


Call to the inner life Evelyn Underhill Sometime around 1931 Evelyn Underhill wrote a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Cosmo Gordon Lang (1928–42), about the inner life of the clergy. Her concern was that the multiplicity of the clergy’s [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Resolutions Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House The New Year does present a blank page to start again; psychologically it turns a page and it can feel like a fresh start. This is why resolutions are part [...]

Nelson Mandela

Nicolas Stebbing CR on Mandela’s legacy and why we should follow his example of forgiveness Cape Town is a beautiful city. On the Sea Point side houses climb up Table Mountain and those rich enough to live up there have [...]

Work to be done

Nicholas Turner outlines some of the implications of the new Marriage Act The year 2014 sees the implementation of the Marriage (Same-sex couples) Act 2013, and the biggest change to civil marriage since the mid-nineteenth century. By one of those [...]

views, reviews and previews

MASTERPIECES OF CHINA 700–1900 Victoria and Albert Museum 26 October 2013–19 January 2014 Admission £13.50 IF YOU have ever been irritated by swarms of Oriental tourists clicking away at our cultural treasures, this exhibition offers the chance to get your [...]


At the edge of the wood a snowbound tree Blazes thy glad Epiphany; And love in Cana as Zion’s daughter Worships her Lord with wine from water. Presentation When he was twelve... Imagine an adolescent Christ, The scourge of his [...]


There's chapels and then there's chapels. In the UK the word chapel could be used as a badge of Nonconformity ('I'm chapel') but a medieval chapel conceals an amazing variety of meanings. Usually it meant simply a space for a [...]

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