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Lest we forget

Aidan Mayoss CR reflects on the war dead and our hope for life after death We sometimes forget when we wrestle with different translations, compare gospels, consult commentaries and generally get ourselves into a tangle preparing for an essay or [...]

The priest

Peter Mullen on the duties of the priest and the nature of the authority conferred at ordination The priest is not a social worker or any kind of quaint parochial nice guy appointed to cheer up the locals. He is [...]

The Society

The Bishops of the Society write to members about the future The Society is intended to address a situation that does not yet exist and, following the failure of the Women Bishops Measure last November, will not exist for two [...]

Over – and out?

If you thought the joy at the Royal Wedding was exuberant, you ain’t seen nutting yet. That’s if you believe Watch. After November’s Synod we must. Wait, Watch says, until you see the national rejoicing when the first woman bishop [...]


Vision glorious – the future Dr Colin Podmore explains why the Catholic Group and Forward in Faith are backing the new package for the women bishops legislation, and what this means for The Society In the summer and early autumn [...]

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