/January 2015 Articles

Bishops’ Representatives

In each diocese the Bishop of The Society has a Bishop’s Representative. For their names and contact details,  see the Dioceses pages on the Society website: www.sswsh.com/dioceses.php   THE SOCIETY IN THE DIOCESES   Diocese Bishop Representative Bath & Wells [...]

Secular Liturgies

New Talent   Tom Sutcliffe on the bleak vision presented by Alistair McDowall’s Pomona   Alistair McDowall is a new 27-year-old playwright whose Pomona at the Orange Tree in Richmond-on-Thames has really scored a hit. I read that he has [...]


As this issue of New Directions goes to print, a remarkable Church of England row is gathering steam. The row is not about women in the episcopate or blessing same-sex partnerships. It is about leadership: specifically, it is about the [...]

Reach out

Philip North identifies some opportunities for community ministry for smaller churches   Our past can inspire. But it can also imprison and restrict. One aspect of our past that we love to recall as Anglo-Catholics is the stories of the [...]

Ghostly Counsel

Gifts   By now most people will have consumed, exchanged or read the gifts received at Christmas. Receiving gifts is not always easy. It can be humbling, embarrassing, and sometimes we cannot understand why someone would want to give us [...]


Light   Arthur Middleton   Some years ago, in the Mendip caves, all the lights went out and left us in total darkness. Nobody could pick up any light within that darkness. So it was also an experience of blindness, [...]