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Thou Shalt Not: Exodus 20 1–3 1. WORDS OF A PERSONAL GOD TO RESCUED PEOPLE And God spoke all these words (20:1,2) These are words from God. That simple truth lies at the heart of everything. It explains why the [...]

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National Assembly 1996 The 3rd Forward in Faith National Assembly will take place at The Camden Centre, Bidborough Street, London WC1 on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September, 1996. As usual, we will gather during the afternoon on the Friday [...]

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Faith in the Young

Stephen Collier sees more to child "abuse" than meets the eye In the current Postmodernist debate much has been said about the breakdown of traditional family and community relationships and the rise of the cult of individualism Society seems to [...]

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The Treasures of the World Every day the media keeps our minds attentive to the atrocious cruelty that human beings inflict upon one another. We have seen it in Bosnia, in the activities of the IRA, in the Middle East [...]

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Robbie Low visits Walsall and finds a beacon of the Kingdom The picture of the "catholic" parish in the minds of otherwise moderately sane people is often no more than outrageous caricature informed by equal deep draughts of ignorance and [...]

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Women bishops, it seems, are once again in the air, if not on the agenda. When the Archbishop of Canterbury was questioned on the subject by the Ecclesiastical Committee of Parliament in 1993 he frankly admitted the illogicality of the [...]

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