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Chris Green on the first Lambeth Paper THE REPORT IS ONE OF FOUR from groups of bishops to stimulate thinking among Lambeth delegates. It has no authority save as a discussion paper on six issues (Human Rights and Human Dignity, [...]

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Paul Richardson concludes that the Bishop of Newark's opinions will not shake the earth IT IS TEMPTING to dismiss John S. Spong as yet another bishop offering way-out views in order to attract publicity. He first turned to radical theology [...]

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The Seven Trumpets, Part Two:

A Church Commissioned (Rev. 10: 1-18) THE VISION of the Seven Trumpets opened with a sequence focusing on God’s judgement on sinners and his preservation of Christians (8:2-9:21). However, John now sees that the Church has a task to perform [...]

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The Bishop and I THE MANY READERS who have no doubt enjoyed Eileen and Andrew Carey’s Lambeth Conference pot-boiler ‘The Bishop and I’ [Hodder and Stoughton, £7.99, ISBN 0-340-65652-2] may be interested in the following - a trifle snatched from [...]

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A Strategy for Reform THERE’S NO SHORTAGE of advice at the moment on what Reform should be doing. This reformer, for one, is rather glad because for the most part the advice is offered by those keen to promote the [...]

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July 1998 Lambeth Conference The Director and Fr Geoffrey Kirk are setting up shop in Canterbury for the duration of the Lambeth Conference, along with representatives of the Episcopal Synod of America and Forward in Faith Australia. As well as [...]

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Lambeth Briefing

WHILST APPLICATIONS for a nominated place on the Archbishops’ Council are, of course, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, and even the numbers of those applying cannot be revealed, I have to tell you faint hearts out there that business is brisk. Though my [...]

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