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FiF Update

FiF Director and Secretary in Australia Stephen Parkinson, Forward in Faith's National Director, is away from Faith House at present and will not be back until Monday 6th August. He is visiting Australia, where he will be speaking at the [...]

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Media Watch

The context is the thing George Austin reflects on Shakespearean and Scriptural interpretation Many years ago, sitting in the gods at the Old Vic, I watched Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. It was the only time I have ever seen it, and [...]

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A Stone of Stumbling

Conrad Arnander looks at the legalities of the case of Carol Stone The Bishop of Bristol’s comments on the Revd Peter Stone appear to have been widely misreported in June last year. According to the national press he said that [...]

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Doctor Jensen, I Presume ‘I want to stake my life on the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. That’s the agenda; that’s the news as far as I’m concerned. The main contest today in the world in which we [...]

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Edward Plowman describes a remarkable Sunday in Maryland At 8.15 am, the narrow parking lot along a two-lane country road already is full. Beyond a low brick wall stands a historic red brick chapel. This is Christ Church, Accokeek. About [...]

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Working with the Spirit The workings of the Crown Appointments Commission have been widely discredited during its quarter century of operation. It has provided the illusion of consultation, the appearance of giving full and thorough consideration to each vacancy as [...]

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The Way We Live Now

A TALE OF TWO CARDINALS This is the story of two German Cardinals. Why it is a story which concerns Forward in Faith will shortly appear. The two Cardinals are Joseph Ratzinger and Walter Kasper. Well-founded rumour has it that [...]

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30 Days

ICE CREAM SUNDAY Another spiffing wheeze from Head Office was trailed in the media last month. ‘THANK YOU’ – the National Clergy Appreciation Week (14–21st October, 2001) publicity was launched with an eye-catching poster. Two damp-looking male clergy wielding three-foot [...]

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faith of our fathers

Incarnation – Resurrection – Inspiration In living and moving through the Christian Year, a temptation to be avoided is to treat each celebration as a separate, and each doctrine celebrated as a fragment of the whole in itself, whereas what [...]

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Mellow Yellow

Robbie Low examines the implications of the recent report on bishops’ expenses There are moments when I wish I had followed Princess Diana's example and had the word ‘obey’ omitted from the marriage service. Your editor, to whom I am [...]

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