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Forward in Faith Update

Forward in Faith North America Forward in Faith Chairman Bishop John Broadhurst, accompanied by National Secretary Fr Geoffrey Kirk and Director Stephen Parkinson, will be attending the National Assembly of Forward in Faith North America at the National Shrine of [...]

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Realism or Schism?

Thomas Mason argues that dioceses are neither set in stone nor founded in real estate. With Bishop Nazir-Ali’s fast approaching report, the spectre of women bishops is raising the prospect of a third province to ever greater prominence; at the [...]

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Book Reviews

Book Reviews Youth Marriage and the Good Book Youth in Exodus Geraldine Witcher Highland Books, 176pp, pbk 1 897913 64 8, [£7.99] The absence of young people in many churches is of grave concern. In the West this absence has [...]

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Letter from Australia

A Believable Church Over the last decade Australians have been increasingly reluctant to join organizations that require real commitment from their members. For example, in spite of the loyalties that are expressed leading up to elections, it has never been [...]

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Letter from Canada

David Virtue reports on the latest Anglican crisis VANCOUVER, BC—It had all the makings of a cliffhanger. Would the Diocese of New Westminster go for the gold ring and do what no diocese had ever done in ecclesiastical history and [...]

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Synod Insider

Sherlock O'Brien investigates a Welsh leak Just before England were ejected from the World Cup by ten Brazilians a glance at the front page of The Times one morning was enough to convince me that the silly season had arrived. [...]

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The Way We Live Now

Football Crazy Now that World Cup Fever is over, and the world’s football is safely back in the hands of a President whom most rational people suppose to be a crook, it is probably time to look back on the [...]

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30 Days

TAFF LUCK In the Canterbury stakes all speculation now centres on the 'Welsh Wizard'. Members of the Crown Appointments Commission are adamant that they did not leak. They need not worry. Seasoned Downing Street watchers see a familiar pattern. Weeks [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a modern term that describes a dangerous psychological condition. Maximus the Confessor (580–662) described the same condition fourteen hundred years ago as Philautia, a spiritual condition with similar symptoms. Foot-stampers anonymous A person [...]

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The Mind of Anglicans

Robbie Low analyses a recent important survey of opinion Over the last few years there have been an unusual number of surveys conducted on the current state of the Church of England. Some have been serious academic surveys, some journalistic [...]

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