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FiF Update

Credo Cymru is Forward in Faith Wales! Earlier this year, the Provincial Council of Credo Cymru – Forward in Faith’s sister organization in Wales – took the momentous decision to remain Credo Cymru, whilst at the same time becoming Forward [...]

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George Austin on a recent telling of the Peterloo Massacre Two history programmes with a difference recently. Children of the Third Reich on the UK History Channel brought together children whose parents or grandparents had experienced the Holocaust, and both [...]

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400 Evangelicals and an Anglo-Catholic BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF EVANGELICALS Edited by Timothy Larsen IVP, 790pp, hbk 0 85111 996 4, £29.99 When more than two hundred contributors provide around twice that number of Evangelical biographies, this indicates some editorial seriousness. [...]

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(Re)growing the fringe In the mid 1980s at a Ballarat Diocesan Conference, the Rt Revd Bruce Wilson (then Assistant Bishop of Canberra/Goulburn) challenged participants to think about our strategy (or lack thereof!) for adding new people to congregations. He had [...]

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Damocles’ Sword Unsheathed One astute ecclesiastical commentator here in the States has termed the present centripetal collapse of American Anglicanism the ‘balkanization of the Episcopal Church.’ I think him spot on. On Saturday 7th June, the laity and clergy of [...]

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An uninspiring report for consideration in July Synod members spent the middle of June ploughing through 200 pages of GS1496 which rejoiced in the title of Formation for Ministry within a Learning Church. For those who lacked the stamina there [...]

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Nature and Nurture In 1976 a clever American Jew wrote a short but important book which had the effect of several car loads of Semtex exploding at the heart of the debate about sexuality. The book The Inevitability of Patriarchy [...]

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Thirty Days

WHOSE ALMIGHTY WORD? Always on the lookout for punchy, cutting edge liturgy, 30 Days was delighted to receive the following example from St Mark’s, Broom Hill, Sheffield. Under the section, ‘Unfolding of the Word’, the reader no longer affirms the [...]

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What does he mean?

A perplexed layman writes from the country Most of us felt good about the appointment of Rowan Williams. He was obviously a man of quality, one moreover who had resisted the temptations of high office, and who valued humility and [...]

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