/July 2004 Articles

Ghostly Council

by Andy Hawes In the mad rush of today’s world there are some people who have a desire to pray but literally cannot find a moment. Although it is not ideal, there are ‘aids’ to help these ‘too busy people’ [...]

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Strange bedfellows

Nicholas Turner revisits the chaos of the Civil Partnership Bill Last month, we entered the strange world of the Civil Partnership Bill 2004. For a better feel of its labyrinthine complexity, let us look again at the teaser I posed. [...]

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Reading the Sign Language

Chris Idle on A three-part tale of winners and losers Reading the Sign Language; a three-part tale of winners and losers. One: She was my mature staff colleague, with no ambitions towards priesthood. She, I thought, was over- sensitive to [...]

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Getting it straight

Geoffrey Kirk tries to summarize events in North America Now let me see if I have got this straight. By a large majority (and despite a virtually incomprehensible speech from Rowan Williams to the contrary) the Lambeth Conference of 1998 [...]

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New Every Morning

John Hall on Collective Worship in Schools Andy Hawes’ article last month on the importance of school worship (Where God is Dead June 2004) was a real encouragement to me not to give up on one of the important political [...]

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‘Confidentiality’, so the old clerical joke runs, ‘means only telling one person at a time.’ In reality, of course, confidentiality is no laughing matter and is the priest’s stock in trade. When a man comes to a priest he must [...]

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