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Malawi Fr Dennis Kayamba In a recent judgement [April 09] in the High Court of Malawi, in Lilongwe, an application for an injunction that sought to prevent the Revd Dennis Kayamba from ministering at the cathedral, and from residing in [...]

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Forward in Faith update

Letter from the Chairman T5he Bishop of Fulham has just written to all the members of Forward in Faith. You will find a copy of his letter both in Forward plus and at www.forwardinfaith.com. National Assembly When we all met [...]

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letters to the editor

Biblical authority From Fr Ivan Clutterbuck So the gospels can be trusted as historical records of Our Lords earthly ministry after all! At least according to a press release from the Archbishop of Canterbury on the occasion of the award [...]

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30 days

Posh Pagans This months 30Days prize for understatement goes to Fr John Joyce, a spokesman for the Roman Catholic diocese of Shrewsbury, for this gem: Parish centres under our auspices let their premises on the understanding users and their organisations [...]

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Touching Place

ST JOHN BAPTIST, CLAYTON, SUSSEX Sussex seems full of little 11th c. churches. Like many others, Clayton is a small aisleless building; no tower either, just a turret covered in wooden shingles. A church at Clayton is mentioned in the [...]

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the way we live now

Does Anglicanism have room for a bishop who no longer believes in God? Geoffrey Kirk discusses the dangers of being a comprehensive church Just when you thought it was safe... Richard Holloway is back! The white hope of the Loughborough [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on transfiguration in Michael Ramsey Speaking in a retreat Michael Ramsey quotes the historian Toynbee's description of the true attitude of transfiguration in a declining and frustrated civilization. Transfiguration is accepting 'the situation just as it is and [...]

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Sacred vision

Arte or Crafte to Lyve Well The medieval media and the modern digital media are both rich with colour. They are separated by the centuries of print, when black and white reigned supreme, which reign is now in rapid decline, [...]

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Correcting Jesus

The rhetorical skills of a Gentile woman illuminate an aspect of salvation history Patrick Henry Reardon is a Senior Editor of Touchstone: A Journal of Mere Christianity It is instructive to observe the reactions of those to whom Jesus spoke [...]

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