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David Mills is the deputy editor of First Things. Fr Michael Wood (pictured) is the Superior of the St Petroc Monastery, in Cascades, Tasmania, and head of the St Eanswythe Orthodox Western Rite Mission, in Christchurch, Dorset. Fr John Hunwicke [...]

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Forward in Faith update

The month ahead As members and supporters of Forward in Faith await the proceedings of this month’s General Synod, it is perhaps worthwhile to remind ourselves that life goes on. Christian pilgrimage As this issue of New Directions is delivered, [...]

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It seems that the Church of England is soon to become a victim of its own cowardice, if the reports are true – and there is every reason to believe that they are – that the House of Bishops is [...]

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letters to the editor

Taking reception seriously From Mr David Felton I write to express sincere gratitude to Dr Mary Tanner for the measured and gracious way in which she reminded readers (and the Church of England as a whole) of the implications and [...]

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30 days

Happily ever after Back at the beginning of 2008, 30DAYs chose to ignore the tabloid splash which was the then Bishop of St David’s and his lady Chaplain, on the grounds that we really had no wish to intrude on [...]

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touching place

St Mary’s, Mendlesham Norfolk and Suffolk aren’t the same, despite what outsiders may think. When you spot the colour-washed houses, you know you’ve reached the Suffolk border, and there are architectural features in the churches that act as tell-tales too, [...]

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God in community Tom Sutcliffe turns to the written word to consider the divine presence in the life of a national religion and culture The umbilical link between our sense of identity as human beings and our religion and culture [...]

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the way we live now

Geoffrey Kirk on the dubious entrepreneurial opportunities of ‘bogus’ weddings arranged for immigration purposes Call me naive, but I first noticed what was happening when I was approached by an apparently charming black couple about a wedding. He was Nigerian [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton explains why we must recapture the lost Anglican mind in order to overcome ignorance of the true spirit of Anglicanism The word ‘mind’ is used here in a specific sense. It is used in the way in which [...]

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sacred vision

Tintoretto: Stealing of St Mark’s Body In a way quite different from the monarchical rape of the Church in early modern England, Church and State were intimately connected in Renaissance Venice. From Gentile Bellini to Tintoretto much of the art [...]

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