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‘Lord, stay with us.’ These words were spoken for the first time by the disciples of Emmaus. Subsequently in the course of the centuries they have been spoken, an infinite number of times, by the lips of so many of [...]

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You will notice that this edition of New DirectioNs has rather more photographs than normal. We hope that they illustrate that our constituency continues to flourish and to grow. We are grateful Graham Howard, known to many of you from [...]

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Rejoice! It is said that actions speak louder than words, and indeed they do. In this case it is images that speak louder than words. The picture below says it all. There is very little need for editorial comment this [...]

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letters to the editor

Thank you From Fr Rodney Marshall I am grateful to my Colleague, Fr Paul Cartwright, for his article about the Romero Centre at St Helen’s, Athersley [ND June 2011]. As he rightly points out, this Project, serving one of the [...]

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30 days

Thy Will Be Done Tragic news from Affirming Catholicism regarding its long-awaited residential conference Thy Kingdom Come. A round-robin email went out at the end of May: Dear Friends, It is with regret that Affirming Catholicism has had to cancel [...]

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touching place

St Mary, Ewelme, Oxon You’re into Midsomer Murders countryside around here, and there’s a murder in this story. But there are also links to medieval England. The greatest English writer of the Middle Ages, Geoffrey Chaucer, was also an important [...]

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Sacred Vision

PILGRIMAGE TO NETTUNO Each year, in May, the Society of Mary and the Meryemana group of Ipswich organize an ecumenical Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Maria delle Grazie at Nettuno, situated on the Mediterranean Coast south of Rome. The Pilgrimage [...]

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Ibsen at the National Theatre Tom Sutcliffe on a rare attempt to tackle Ibsen’s epic drama about the last non-Christian Roman emperor Ibsen’s ‘World-Historic Drama’ Emperor and Galilean is not the sort of play that very many of the world’s [...]

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Book of the month

Ian McCormack welcomes two new books which provide fresh insight into Victorian Christianity A PEOPLE OF ONE BOOK The Bible and the Victorians Timothy Larsen OUP, 327pp, hbk 978 0199570096, £30 GOD’S EMPIRE Religion and Colonialism in the British World, [...]

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the way we live now

The search for historical examples of women bishops has involved some implausible stories, but overlooks real evidence of the importance of women in the early Church, writes Geoffrey Kirk I have heard many arguments in favour of women priests and [...]

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