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He…will remind you

Martin Warner on his recent visit to South Africa and why and how we ought to share our experience of faith with others What really catches the attention on the high street today is the stuff in estate agents’ windows: [...]

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An update Amidst the excitement of recent and forthcoming ordinations – diaconal, presbyteral, and episcopal – work has been underway to ensure that the New Oxford Movement continues to grow by building on the success of our March meeting. Edited [...]

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The Lay Apostolate

Ivan Clutterbuck reminds us that every churchgoer can have a role in the life of the Church We have a problem’ is a phrase sometimes heard today when some project grinds to a standstill; the more vital the work, the [...]

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To be or not to be

David Houlding considers the concept of Sacramental assurance The Church of England is catholic before it is anything else, part of the one, holy catholic and apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, world-wide and throughout all ages. We are all catholic [...]

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A sense of humour

Whenever I hear the words ‘standup comedian’ I want to throw up. Not just that modern ‘stand-ups’ are woefully unfunny, nor that they confuse obscenity with levity, but that they predictably laugh at the same targets – Toffs, Christians... er, [...]

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Anglican Patrimony

Christopher Trundle presents some reflections on the human and divine aspects of Anglican orders In the month or so following ordinations and consecrations it seems right to consider the place of something which can sometimes seem almost too obvious a [...]

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Totus Tuus

Joanna Bogle reflects on John Paul II’s papacy and its ongoing legacy in light of his recent beatification A spring morning in Rome, and by 7am the crowds have already packed out St Peter’s Square, and are filling the long [...]

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Deo Gratias! The historic events of 16 June 2011 The Feast of St Richard of Chichester dawned dull and wet and yet the excitement of those travelling to Southwark Cathedral for the Episcopal ordinations of Jonathan Baker (to the See [...]

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