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Corpus Christi in Bickley

The parish of St George, Bickley came up with a creative way to celebrate the liturgy in lockdown, this Corpus Christi, Thursday 11 June.  The challenge was how to bring together more than three dozen worshippers in the same place, [...]

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Touching place

SS JUST ET PASTEUR, VALCABRÈRE, FRANCE The church occupies a stunning location, its churchyard planted with cypresses, set against a backdrop of the Pyrenees and the cathedral of S. Bertrand de Comminges (ND June 2012).  The site was a paléochristian [...]

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Faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on Defending orthodoxy I spent Lent with John Chrysostom, whom Lancelot Andrewes emulated in his preaching, and William Laud. Both were resolute defenders of the integrity of the Catholic Faith, the golden mouthed against going down the Arian [...]

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Summer Diary

Thurifer offers some light relief Ars est celare artem. The origin of this Latin maxim is unclear. Ovid and Quintillian said something similar, not so epigrammatically. An example of the art that conceals art is Anne Glenconner’s book, “Lady in [...]

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Saint Quentin

Poses is a small village on the south bank of the Seine, upriver of Rouen. Its church is dedicated to Saint Quentin, believed to be a martyr around 303 at the place now known as S. Quentin (Aisne), who is [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Save the book! Andy Hawes  There is no doubt that for many people digital and information technology have been a blessing in the past three months, for those able to access it. It has enabled families, friends and churches to [...]

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Views, reviews and previews

Art Exhibitions in lockdown There aren’t any, except virtual shows and they’re not the same thing. But if we can’t see art in exhibitions we can think about art in churches. In the classic Ealing film, ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets,’ [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith is listening in trepidation for the Sound of the Shell There are times nowadays when I feel rather as though I’m living through a real-life adaptation of The Lord of the Flies.  Not only are we being governed [...]

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On the 20th June, Pope Francis declared that three new titles of Our Lady should be added to the Litany of Loreto, which is often recited at the end of the Rosary. The three new titles are: ‘Mother of mercy’, [...]

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