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Ghostly Counsel

Andy Hawes    Teaching Prayer   I was amused to read in the introduction to Bede Frost’s book ‘The Art of Mental Prayer’ (published 1931) ‘ Some time ago an English diocesan Bishop addressed a questionnaire to his clergy in [...]

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The Apostle

Nicolas Stebbing introduces a Catholic St Paul   We Catholics tend to be a bit suspicious of St Paul. After all it is was his ideas on justification that set Luther off and caused the Reformation. We prefer the Epistle [...]

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It’s a Marvel!

Denis Desert reflects on a painting by Marc Chagall   It so happened that many years ago as I finished my parish visiting for the day, suitably dressed in a cassock, I went over to view my allotment to check [...]

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The Church and the Virus

In the first of two articles Edward Dowler looks back at responses to the pandemic    I’d like to start with two contrasting views of the direction in which the Church might now be heading.  The first is from the [...]

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Come Holy Ghost!

Martin Warner asks what are we to say about the activity of God the Holy Spirit?    Many Christians say that they have been brought to faith by the Holy Spirit through the attraction of gathering for worship in large [...]

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Faithful to the end

Harri Williams on the enduring legacy of Father Patten   The Revd Alfred Hope Patten was Inducted as Vicar of Walsingham on the 19th January 1921. As is traditional at an induction he rang the Church bell, and rather than [...]

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