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Gerry O'Brien has just a few questions Elections, let it be said at once, are no guarantee of a prophetic voice. Those of us who are elected to General Synod may pander to populism and bend to the wind just [...]

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The Gracious Gift of Prophecy

Geoffrey Locke fears that 'cronyism' may affect Turnbull as well as Runcie The theological basis of the Turnbull Commission’s proposals has received “strong support” to use a phrase from GS 1188, a General Synod paper published in February, to assess [...]

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Despitefully Used Union representation through MSF for clergy and church employees has now been available for 18 months, with a membership to date well in excess of 300. Many grievances and other injustices which have not been dealt with in [...]

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Reform's Regional Advisers The term “regional adviser” is hardly one which rolls smoothly off the tongue. However, Reform is more concerned with substance than packaging in taking the step of appointing two of its trustees to fulfil this role from [...]

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The Old Country and the New Britain and Australia are ten thousand miles apart, but ever since I came to live here, I have been struck by the resemblances between them. Australians follow the sad saga of a royal family [...]

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A DAY IN THE LIFE I had not expected to be in a studio at Broadcasting House, taking part in a Radio 5 Live phone-in, even twenty four hours before it happened. But time and tide wait for no man, [...]

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Usage and ab-usage in the language of contemporary Anglicanism It has long been the boast of Anglicans that theirs is a broad, open and accommodating Church. Anglicanism, it is said, has contained tensions which have caused other churches to divide. [...]

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The Way We Live Now

To Milk the Bull Regular readers of New Directions will understand with what trepidation I turn to the subject of cows. Thus far I have managed to avoid them; but needs must... Poor Edwina Curry! It remains a mystery why [...]

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