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ONE UPMANSHIP Manchester Cathedral - home of the great “Christa” celebration when a crucified woman was paraded before a mercifully myopic Bishop Mayfield - has been keeping a subterranean profile for sometime. However sharp-eyed trend watchers fear another foray into [...]

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Faith of our Fathers

The Doctrine of Reserve Before Tract 90, the most controversial Tracts for the Times were two by Isaac Williams, On Reserve in Communicating Religious Knowledge. Their argument is detailed, but the basic message is simple. The mysteries of faith should [...]

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ROBBIE LOW: The Interview

John Sentamu When Richard Chartres vacated Stepney to become Bishop of London, the 30 Days column of this magazine tipped John Sentamu to replace him. Undeterred by this prescience from such an unlikely quarter, Bishop Chartres duly appointed him last [...]

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News from the Forward in Faith Regions The good news The announcement that Fr John Broadhurst, National Chairman of Forward in Faith and Team Rector of Wood Green in North London, is to be the next Bishop of Fulham has [...]

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Ronald Crane explains how the Forward in Faith Youth Event has gone from strength to strength SHEEPDIP. It is a funny name for a Youth Festival. One priest who works in a farming parish insisted that he could not send [...]

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George Austin reveals the arcane antics of the Crown Appointments Commission (in the strictest confidence) Confidentiality rules, OK? Well, too much really. When I was a member of the Crown Appointments Commission, the Diocesan would comment that when the archdeacon [...]

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John Masding thinks that today's clergy need all the support they can get, and time away from it all to recuperate Holidays are often the Great Escape, and quite rightly so. A change is as good as a rest, too. [...]

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It is a Jewel As the popularity of the island monastery increased, Columba (feast day 9th June) found he needed to escape from Iona to find the peace of God elsewhere. Adamnan in his Life of Columba tells how on [...]

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