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FiF Update

FiF Director and Secretary in Australia Stephen Parkinson, Forward in Faith ’s National Director, will be away from Faith House for seven weeks this summer – from Friday 15 June until Monday 6 August. He is visiting Australia, where he [...]

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Media Watch

Corrie meets Scott-Joplin George Austin thinks that the General Synod could learn a lot from Coronation St LIKE a primary school classroom, the walls of our medieval churches were covered in paintings, often gory and explicit, of heaven, hell, bible [...]

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Letter from Australia

This is a most unsettling time for many Australian Anglicans. Not one, but two metropolitical sees are vacant, and the General Synod in which draft legislation providing for women bishops will be discussed, is less than two months away. Saint [...]

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Sam in Maryland I arrived in Washington after the cherry blossom but during the azaleas. The meadows and woodlands around the charming seventeenth century brick Church in Accokeek, Maryland could not have looked better - rich in bird life and [...]

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Facing Facts 'This long and distressing controversy over capital punishment' Archbishop Geoffrey Fisher once said, 'is very unfair to anyone meditating murder'. And as much could probably also be said about the debate over the Scott-Joynt proposals, with regard to [...]

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30 Days

AND STATISTICS. The biggest Anglican event of the millennium year was Christ Our Future. The newspapers did not queue up to report this traditionalist celebration but chose instead to publish a story that 80 per cent of Anglicans could scarcely [...]

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faith of our fathers

Incarnation – Resurrection – Inspiration In living and moving through the Christian Year, a temptation to be avoided is to treat each celebration as a separate, and each doctrine celebrated as a fragment of the whole in itself, whereas what [...]

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Champagne Perry

Robbie Low looks At the Perry Report on the appointment of Bishops. It was a dull Lenten midweek afternoon a couple of years back. One of those, mercifully rare, committee meetings that draws trustees to the capital had ended early [...]

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