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30 days

Non-yew news 30 Days readers will remember the case of Bill Melnyk, aka OakWyse, the Episcopalian priest outed as a druid last year, who recanted his druidism in December and then recanted his recantation in April this year, in order [...]

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The Way We Live Now

What I want: moderate desires Diogenes, the Corinthian philosopher, was once asked by Alexander what favour he would request of the great conqueror, and his answer was that the conqueror should stand a little aside so that he could enjoy [...]

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45 for starters

Martin Hislop takes a look at the Queen’s Speech and the government’s legislative programme Over 45 new bills were trumpeted in the Queen’s Gracious Speech as part of the agenda for Labour’s historic third term in office. Aspirations for continued [...]

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What’s next

Geoffrey Kirk considers the next surprise offered up by the liberal agenda For the seasoned observer of the unfolding liberal agenda there is one over-arching question: what will they do next? It was clear to most of us that the [...]

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A useful contradiction

David Nicholl hopes to exploit the inherent contradiction of proponents of women bishops It does seem extraordinary, but it is true nevertheless. When it comes to the present debate over women bishops, the orthodox minority should stick to the official [...]

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A nice guy

Anthony Saville reflects on the first generation lapsed It is an unwritten axiom of contemporary social commentary that it is the agnostics who are the nice guys, tolerant, broad-minded, generous and easy-going, in marked contrast to the Christian believers, who [...]

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A crumbling edifice

George Austin discerns the early undermining of episcopacy back in the Fifties Everything, especially within the Church, has the potential to move towards self-destruction. When the matter of episcopal appointments was delegated by Churchill to his patronage secretary, it was [...]

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Looking beyond York

Sam Philpott Prebendary of Exeter Cathedral and Vicar of St Peter’s, Plymouth, lays out the General Synod timetable for women bishops The present General Synod meets for the last time at York in July, and then we are into elections. [...]

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Communion Discipline This month is confirmation month in the parishes I serve. The last few sessions of preparation explore the implications of being a communicant member of the church. The sorts of questions asked are – how frequently should I [...]

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Exciting times ahead

John Hunwicke a priest from Devon, reflects further on Pope Benedict’s theology I didn’t see the white smoke on the telly; we were admiring the birds and the seals near Land’s End. I had popped into the First and Last [...]

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