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Thought of the day

Types and shadows One of the great hymns of the Eucharist speaks of 'types and shadows' ending in worship where the heavenly bread of Christ's body is like the manna sent from the sky to feed the Israelites. The latter [...]

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touching place

SS PETER AND PAUL, MAUTBY, NORFOLK Mautby stands in one of the more remote and open parts of Norfolk. It is a surprise that Yarmouth is less than five miles away. It has never been more than a very small [...]

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In the middle of May the House of Bishops met in York to discuss matters including women in the episcopate. Their statement following the meeting is to be welcomed by those who seek a constructive way forward. The bishops say [...]

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Book of the month

Ian McCormack finds this collection from Pope Francis both satisfying and challenging. THE CHURCH OF MERCY His first major book: A message of hope for all people Pope Francis DLT, 192pp, pbk 978 023253121H, £9.99 Pope Francis really gets under [...]

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way we live now

Christopher Smith looks forward to the World Cup —the football one, that is Every other year, the tranquility of the cricket season is intruded upon by one of football's brash international tournaments. This year, it's the turn of the World [...]

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Tom Sutcliffe on a new operatic version of three plays by Sophocles English National Opera have not done many world premieres of operas at the vast London Coliseum. The last I recall was Gerald Barry's Bitter Tears of Petra von [...]

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Past and present Michael Ramsey In his book From Gore to Temple, Michael Ramsey concerns himself with the ethos of Anglicanism. There is a proper way for the past to speak to the present. Two misconceptions can confuse people about [...]

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faith of our fathers

Arthur Middleton on the Apostolic Tradition From the beginning of the second century onwards, there is clear testimony as to a rule exercised by the bishops of the Church. It is what we see in Timothy, Titus and Paul, and [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Stewardship Andy Hawes is Warden of Edenham Regional Retreat House It used to be the case that four-yearly cycle of 'Stewardship Campaigns' was a regular feature of Anglican parochial life. They seem, in many dioceses, to have been replaced by [...]

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