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Touching Place

ST JAMES, CHIPPING CAMPDEN, GLOS You’re deep into Perpendicular Cotswold territory – the area celebrated by the late David Verey – when you enter this little stone-built town, and spot the church on high ground. Today’s Chipping Campden has the [...]

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Eat thy bread with joy

‘Audubon’ goes back to basics Wander into any large supermarket these days and you will be assailed by the smell of bread. Follow your nose, by all means, for the aroma of new-baked bread is one of life’s absolute treats. [...]

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Yorkshire Diary

‘Thurifer’ ventures into the Northern Province Travel offers opportunities for pleasure; also occasions of frustration: delayed flights, missing hotel bookings, gippy tummy, cutpurses, and rogues. Now I find that lunch on Grand Central Trains is not complimentary in First Class: [...]

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Memento Mori

Allan Barton presents images from Thomas More’s Utopia In 1515, Sir Thomas More left England as part of an embassy to the court of the future Emperor Charles V. For over twenty years the tax imposed on English exports to [...]

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Secular Liturgies

Tom Sutcliffe rues the demise of the critic Opera is big in the German-speaking world, with about €3.5 billion of subsidy per year. In the UK it has to make do with barely £100 million. However, London now has some [...]

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Book of the month

EPHESIANS Thomas M. Winger Concordia Publishing House 895pp hbk £40 ISBN 978-0570063131 St Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians, surely, appeals to Catholics as one of the most illuminating of his Epistles. In it, Marriage is related to Christ and his [...]

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Views, Reviews and Previews

EXHIBITIONISM Saatchi Gallery until September 4th, 2016 Graduates of the LSE are, on average, the highest paid in the country. This show doesn’t reveal how much of that average is made up by Sir Mick Jagger, but he must be [...]

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The way we live now

Christopher Smith marvels at the transforming power of self-identification I was on a train recently, coming back from an overnight visit to my native Hampshire. The train became quite busy after Basingstoke, and I was able to make little progress [...]

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Risen and Ascended Where, then, in all my spreading world is Jesus Christ, risen and glorified? When the cloud received him out of our sight, what distance did he go? However far I take him, His risen being is no [...]

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‘The Eagle soars in the summit of Heaven,’ wrote T. S. Eliot in ‘The Rock.’ As the eagle was the bird supposed to fly closest to heaven, so it was appropriate for an eagle to support Holy Scripture. Like the [...]

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