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Faith of our Fathers

Arthur Middleton on the Bible and Liturgy   An English Bible Today it is difficult to imagine that possession of an English translation of the Bible could result in one’s being found guilty of heresy and burned at the stake. [...]

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Spiritual Songs

Come, Holy Ghost, thine influence shed, And realise the sign; Thy life infuse into the bread, Thy power into the wine. Effectual let thy tokens prove And made, by heavenly art, Fit channels to convey thy love To every faithful [...]

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Sing the Praises of Mary

William Davage continues his series on Marian devotion in the CofE The Catholic Movement in the Church of England has come a long way since the 1830s; but however much we revere the founders of our Movement, we may be [...]

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The Church Suffering

A letter from His Holiness the Syrian Orthodox Patriarch of Antioch & All The East   SYRIAN ORTHODOX PATRIARCHATE OF ANTIOCH & ALL THE EAST Damascus, May 2nd , 2016 ‘The people of Aleppo are deprived of the joy of [...]

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The Merciful Trinity

Paschal Worton concludes his thoughts on the mercy of God A piece of art that is very important for me is called ‘the Merciful Trinity.’ The Trinity from medieval times onwards usually shows the Father on His throne in the [...]

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Ghostly Counsel

Why bother praying? I, for one, was delighted that the Archbishops had the vision for a Novena of Prayer for the evangelisation of the nation last month. The material produced for use in parishes provided an insight into contemporary approaches [...]

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Priests and Levites

John Hunwicke on the ancient understanding of the diaconate In 1990, John N. Collins published his Diakonia: Reinterpreting the Ancient Sources (OUP). You can probably fiddle around with Google and discover that its conclusions, more than two decades later, have [...]

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To whom shall we go?

Bishop Keith Ackerman reflects on the clerical collar Years ago, when I was a parish priest, three other priests and I needed to go to Manhattan in New York City. When I arrived I was met by the three priests, [...]

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