/March 1996 Articles

Biblical Exposition

What Prayers? Which God? Bishop Ryle said memorably "If you want to embarrass a man, ask him about his prayers." As Jesus teaches about prayer he certainly embarrasses many religious people of his day and ours. His teaching on this [...]

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news from the Forward in Faith Regions A Ministry for Women There are, thankfully, a number of members and supporters of Forward in Faith who, whilst being unable in conscience to accept the innovation of women priests, are themselves women [...]

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Francis Gardom assesses the role of technology in the battle for orthodoxy In her book about the Great War, 1915 - The Death of Innocence, Lyn Macdonald defines two early stages in any conflict. The first might be called the [...]

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Martin Perris senses changes afoot in the global village of missionary communication Are people cutting down their financial support of established Missionary Societies and increasing their support to individuals? In an increasing number of churches, the answer must be a [...]

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Devotional Meditation

RECOGNITION RESURRECTION RECONCILIATION Easter is about death leading to RESURRECTION. This statement is an absolute truth which defies the intellect. A man is crucified and dies, then he is raised to life again. This is beyond our intellectual and logical [...]

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False perspectives need corrected vision, says John Turner In its Christmas issue The Tablet recorded that Professor Mary T. Malone, a Church historian working in Canada, has let it be known that she cannot any longer consider herself a Christian, [...]

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Joanna Bogle looks at the implications of Lord Mackay's impending review of current legislation As the debate has continued over the Lord Chancellor's Family Law Bill, the reality of what it will mean has become clearer. This is the first [...]

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Robert Hannaford comments on the recent report of the Church of England Doctrine Commission The publication of The Mystery of Salvation, the latest report of the Church of England Doctrine Commission, was greeted by headlines proclaiming that the Church of [...]

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The dawn of the third millennium of Christianity is only four years away and the Decade of Evangelism, which was inaugurated to prepare for it, is half over. `How goes the Decade?' asks Robert Warren in a booklet intended to [...]

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