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Legal and Parochial

Poverty, Politics and the General Election AS THE INEVITABLE general election draws ever closer, it is not only the established political parties who are shadow boxing in advance of the real thing. More than ever, Christian groups are seeking to [...]

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Update Reform

Essex Man Moves South THE BEST-KEPT EPISCOPAL secret of the closing days of 1996 and early 1997 was hardly the announcement that Wallace Benn, vicar of St. Peter's, Harold Wood, in Essex, was to be the new Bishop of Lewes, [...]

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THE CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE OF GOD: One Being Three Persons, Thomas F Torrance, T & T Clark, Edinburgh, 1996, 260pp, ISBN 0-567-09741-2 PERSONS IN COMMUNION: Trinitarian Description and Human Participation, Alan J Torrance, T & T Clark, Edinburgh, 1996, 388pp, ISBN [...]

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Letter from America

An Open Letter to the Bishop of Edinburgh To: The Most Rev. Richard Holloway, D.D. DEAR BISHOP HOLLOWAY: You could not possibly remember it, but we met once. I had heard your wonderful address, on the social and ethical implications [...]

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Letter from Australia

Expressions of a Sly Hope "Higimus, hogamus Western Intellectuals never praise Auschwitz. Most ungenerous. Most odd, when they claim it's what finally won them their centuries-long war against God". THOSE LINES FROM Les Murray's latest collection, Subhuman Redneck Poems, give [...]

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Synod Insider

A Fistful of Aces WHEN THE MEMBERS of General Synod gather together in York in July, they will face a marathon agenda. At the Synod's residential sessions on the University of York campus, sittings go on until 10 o'clock at [...]

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OUR TOWN IN THE FAR OFF TIMES when Directions was still a tabloid and before it had become a Tablet, faithful readers may remember that I used to contribute a satirical column called `Great Anglicans of our Time'. People even [...]

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COMING TOGETHER The Bishop of Jarrow's imaginative plan to abandon the Old Testament for Lent in favour of the Koran has provoked unprecedented correspondence to the 30 Days column. A few from stuffy traditionalists objecting to the Koran's inspired corrections, [...]

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News from the Forward in Faith Regions A New Regional Dean For some time, the Regional Dean for Anglia, Fr Keith Haydon, has been conscious that he has not been able to devote to the task all the time which [...]

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